Two rwandan nuns who were tragically murdered in Yemen are set to be canonized as saints, according to announcement by Pope Francis.

Canonization is the declaration of a deceased person as an officially recognised as saint, or the official act of a christian communion declaring a person worthy of public veneration and entering their name in the canon catalogue of saints, or authorized list of that communion’s recognazed saints.

The decision to make the rwandan nuns saints comes as part of the preparations for the Jubilee of 2025, with the Pope establishing a working group at the Dicastery for the causes of Saints to compile a catalogue of christians who have sacrificed their lives for their faith in the past 25 years.

Among those to be recognized are Reginette Nzamukunda and Margueritte Mukashema, who lost their lives on March 4, 2016 during an armed attack on catholic retirement in Aden, Yemen.

The assailants targeted the facility run by Mother Teresa nuns, resulting in the deaths of 16 people, including four Catholic nuns.T

The other two victims were identified as Anastasia Kanini, a kenyan nun and Anslem who hailed from India.

The rwandan Catholic church community expressed joy in seeing the recognition of the two rwandan nuns as saints.

“Noting that despite the unsafe conditions in Yemen, they choose to stay and care for the elderly, ultimately sacrificing their lives” highlighted Beshop Vincent Harolimana , the Beshop of Ruhengeri Diocese.

The process of canonization for the martyred saints will differ from the usual lengthy procedures.The set-up commission will gather information about their work, contributions and the testimonies of those familiar with their lives and unwavering faith.

“The commission will acknowledge individuals from diverse backgrounds who have demonstrated selflessness in assisting the poor, caring for marginalized individuals, promoting peace, and embracing the power of forgiveness” said Beshop Harolimana.


Faces of the martyrs of Yemen
Reginette Nzamukunda and Margueritte Mukashema two rwandan nuns who were killed in Yemen