After the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MINICOM) set new food prices including potatoes, rice and corn and their products, there are potato farmers in the Cyanzarwe sector who are complaining about the scales that weigh their potatoes and how the prices change. it’s fair.
Those potato farmers in Cyanzarwe sector in Rubavu region say that they are going to be disadvantaged by the buyers who weigh their produce arbitrarily and change the prices so that even what the government has ordered, they pay up to 30 per kilo.
It is while on April 19, 2023, the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MINICOM) announced that it has increased the value added tax (TVA) on some foods including potatoes, so that the minimum price of potatoes for farmers is Rs.
⚫ FRW 400 per kilo
⚫ FRW 380 per kilo bunch
⚫ FRW 370 per kilo of fruit
⚫ FRW 350 per kilo of peko

Some of the people who have lost their lives due to the disaster are crying of hunger and asking for help to get food because the years that used to support them are no longer there but they are not getting any help because their houses have been destroyed.
The disaster hit different parts especially in the sectors of Kanama, Nyundo and Rugerero in Rubavu district, the people whose fields were washed away by water during the dry season, which are also the breadwinners who say that life is difficult for them now as they return to it.
They continue to demand that they be subjugated and get sustenance for them because even though there are members of God, their houses are not destroyed, they would starve because they don’t get any kind of help.
So far, Rubavu district has not released the figures of the area of ​​the fields affected by this flood which hit the Kanama, Nyundo and Rugerero sectors and the head of this district Mr. Nzabonimpa Deogratias does not answer his mobile phone nor does he answer text messages only 120 hectares of tea which have been known to have been damaged by floods in the Rubavu region.