Rwandan traditional singer Clarisse Karasira has revealed that she is preparing to release her album anticipated to title it “Bakundwa” which mean “Beloved” she gonna release on 20th August 2023 in Portland, United States.

clarisse Karasira, the mother of one child currently living in the U.S shared the message to her followers on twitter and her other platforms like instagram with captions, “Bakundwa – dear Beloved here are the songs on the album Bakundwa”.

She said, “Very delighted to share my 3rd Album release #BAKUNDWA. I cordially invite those of you who love music especially music that communicates to the hearts to never miss out. I will deliver one heck of a show on August 20th. 2023″. She added “These songs were given to me in a miraculous way and I hope they will reach your hearts. They bring a message of life, direction, comfort, counsel, wisdom and divinity to us”.

Comprising 10 soul-Stirring songs, the masterpiece goes anti-clockwise in an era dominated by modern beats and digital soundscapes in the world of traditional music often finds itself overshadowed well.

Clarisse Karasira chose to title her album “Bakundwa” because of her deep affection for the world and its connection to her relationship with her fans. She revealed that she often uses “Bakundwa” as a term of endearment when addressing her royal supporters. “The world holds a special place in my heart and reflect the strong bond I share with my fans”, she said.

The singer is currently working under her husband’s new music company called “Creative Starts”. She says that she drew the inspiration from the richnes of rwandan culture and african general lifestyle. “Each track is carefully crafted to evoke a sense of nostalgia, taking listeners on journey throuth a vivid imagery of everyday life” she said.

Clarisse Karasira was born in 1997 in Masaka Sector, Kicukiro in the city of Kigali. She draws inspiration from her idols including iconic Cecile Kayirebwa and Anonciata Mutamuriza commonly known as “Kamariza”.

She embarked on her professional career in 2018 with her single “Ntizagushuke” which mean “Don’t be mistaken” and proved that her talent would not be short-lived.

This is the third album after “Inama y’Umutima” and “Mama Africa”