There are people living in Bisizi village, Rukoko cell, who say they are worried about the liquor known as Mudu (mood) made from the remnants of the Bralirwa factory, which is usually fed to animals because of the way those who drink it unconsciously cause some to become violent.
They are some of the residents of Bisizi village, Rukoko cell, Rubavu sector, Rubavu region, who explained to the reporter the origin of the name of this beer and why it worries them.
Some of those who have read about this mood drink say that it is a good opportunity for low-income people because it is inexpensive to drink.

Mood beer

We were curious to get to the place where this alcohol is made or sold and with difficulty he managed to get to the house of one of the sellers and it is said that he did it and avoided saying anything and went astray but he and those we met there seemed to be happy, even though they tried to hide it but said that we are going home and immediately returned to find that they had left the bottles of this wine.
The management of the Rubavu sector says that they are aware of the problem of this mood alcohol and that the management has started to deal with it according to Harerimana Emmanuel Blaise, the executive secretary of the sector, who was on the telephone line.
On the telephone line, the director general of Gisenyi hospital CSP Dr. Tuganeyezu Oreste explains that mixed alcohol can cause many effects based on the damage to the body of the person who drinks it because of the way the methanol component can mix with it and damage the brain.
A liter and a half of this alcohol called mood made from the remnants of the Bralirwa brewery, commonly known as dreshi for cattle and pigs, costs 200 reais. the woman who drank it became very hot.